Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Blogger thing ever

Yea, i dont know what im doing so ima just talk like some sort of overgrown idiot/5 yr old on a sugar rush. Life is pretty much shutting me out so i thought i would start yelling back in a format no one will seee or hear about. Because i really doubt anyone will read my blog, comment on my blog, or even care about it. So this is perfect for me. Plus screw grammer, i hate it, so dont expect what i write to be anywhere near perfect, even near good, expect it to suck. and if i accidently fall into tweet mode, sorry.

Anywho now for business junk, since i dont know how to put stuff on here yet since its like my first time i think, unless i did this in a past life, which wouldnt make sense, since i was born in 89 and before that this didnt exist, maybe i did it in a dream one time *shrugs*.

anyway that be Kanye West~Coldest Winter.

I really like that video of his, i think it came out two days out oddly, since that album, 808s and Heartbreak, came out in 2008. Well the song coldest winter has been good but this video really puts you into his life during that time period. When Kanye lost his mother, and he just went downhill bad, then all that depression he had pushed his fiance away. As in the video, he was soul sucking, killing her slowly, she had to get away. As probaly the reason the girl in the video is wearing a wedding dress. Well thats my take on it at least.

Next bit of randomness

I think randomly, i think randomly alot. Sometimes ill be like ha that funny and giggle silently to myself like an idiot. Or ill be like you know the earth is kinda like a giant heart, the water flowing around the world, spread life, keeps the planet alive, and it kept the glaciers frozen, but weve dammed up so many water ways and cut off so many tributarries that the water isnt moving the same. Its like were cutting off blood to the heart till it eventually has a heart attack. I had that random thought a few years ago.

Im going to go see Cop Out in about a hour, Tracey Morgan as a cop, thats the only reason i need to go see that movie honestly. And another karate kid movie is coming out this summer i think with Will Smiths son as the new kid, and this one takes place in China. It actually looks really good.

Besides being overly random, im a College student at kalamazoo valley community college. and i just realized im putting caps on random words, my bad >.<>

I can litterally type about nothing for days upon days so i need to make sure i dont over do it first time. So like i think i mite be ending here or i mite go a page more :P not sure yet. I just type what im thinking. and im thinking i should save the other stuff for next time, which mite be later tonight for all i know, anyways, bye to people who read this cuz im a failure of some sort lol.

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  1. The cop out movie sounded pretty interesting. I'm planning on seeing the one with will smiths kid in it with a friend who wants to take me for my birthday or whatever.