Sunday, June 20, 2010

Going Thru Alot *T Pain Voice*

been a rough day. rougher month. going to get better soon. but its going to take alot of hard work to get there. dam it got quiet here and my good mood instantly went away. i usually spend alot of time messing around with my brother when i snap like i did today. yelled at his wii alot for sucking and not being as good as the ps3 move lol.

on a random note where does T Pain get all his random a** hats. does he own his own personal surplus big Fd up looking hat store or something?

so yea my good is slowly going down the drain tonight.

i gotta go up north again tuesday and initial paper work.... 4 hour drive to initial paper work, if they want me up there again b4 july 1st ima have to tell them no -.- will reschedule for a better time for me.... i swear to god they dont understand the amount of travel that goes into this for me. they must think i live down the street or something. there nice people, great business. just saying. the travel time is killing me. cant wait till i move up there for the internship.

yay fight with friend and junk. great times great times. time to bang head on wall and goto sleep lol.

Friday, June 11, 2010

American Streetballers.

so ima blog while i watch this weird movie. its either good or bad. its honest though. i like that.

well long time no see. talking to Ella sporadically. now that i got this paid internship thing ima you know. Well she is alive. were still you know. and well life is finially looking up for me.

Friend had her baby about two weeks ago or so. early. there both fine. cant wait for pictures.

world cup was on today. i hate people diss on america when it comes to soccer. but we watch baseball and golf for godsake. baseball is mostly standing around and watching and golf is watching people walking.

this movie is weird though. idk sometimes its too weird i have to pause it >.<

and he just quoted frank sinatra or however you spell his name. sorry, great person, i should spell his name right. im stupid >.<

sorry i havent been blogging much, been avoiding sleep lately. but im coming back. when i do have the energy im busy, when i dont, i just dont want to do anything. and ill be quiet everywhere once my internship starts. no internet for like a month. so yea. going to have to talk to Ella about that one =/

anyways ill end this short. bye people.