Friday, June 11, 2010

American Streetballers.

so ima blog while i watch this weird movie. its either good or bad. its honest though. i like that.

well long time no see. talking to Ella sporadically. now that i got this paid internship thing ima you know. Well she is alive. were still you know. and well life is finially looking up for me.

Friend had her baby about two weeks ago or so. early. there both fine. cant wait for pictures.

world cup was on today. i hate people diss on america when it comes to soccer. but we watch baseball and golf for godsake. baseball is mostly standing around and watching and golf is watching people walking.

this movie is weird though. idk sometimes its too weird i have to pause it >.<

and he just quoted frank sinatra or however you spell his name. sorry, great person, i should spell his name right. im stupid >.<

sorry i havent been blogging much, been avoiding sleep lately. but im coming back. when i do have the energy im busy, when i dont, i just dont want to do anything. and ill be quiet everywhere once my internship starts. no internet for like a month. so yea. going to have to talk to Ella about that one =/

anyways ill end this short. bye people.

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