Monday, May 3, 2010

Depression mode wooo.

Yea its about that time. Its been near 3 months with no Ella =/ so yea the bomb has dropped and there hiding the kniges lol jk. Oddly the more i get depressed the more normal i act, so no one ever notices. Im done with this semester. Last class was last night. We had a test, we got done in an hour lol. I got a 25 dollar itunes card, only spend ten cuz Mr Hudsons straight chaser isnt on itunes!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want that so bad. its such a great album.... So my depression is pissed off at itunes.

Oh my nephew averie had his first communion sunday. sisters greatest excuse to drink a years worth of wine. Im not joking, she goes all out on her kids holy communions, she passed out on her couch while asking me to go with her to get more wine -.-

We played 21 i was winning with 18, that i scored with 7 people on the court. then they all left -.- so it was me and javy so he won.... some serious bull. Im tired of losing.... Especially on that crap. Im still trying to regain the summer form. Im so much closer. once i pull it together its going to be so nice.

Ive been playing alot of uncharted 2 lately. If you follow my tweets, u know that already. If you play the game, i love camping, and now you probally hate me lol.

I need to get an internship to graduate next semester -.- some serious bull since they just changed that for me...

I dont feel like adding music to this. That mite make you few peopl who read this be happy. Oh by the way, when i get depressed real bad i try to kick everyone out my life so when i end it, it doesnt hurt anyone lol.

I really want the cavs to lose in the playoffs, lebron isny a good enough of a player to deserve a ring. So go magic and bosto and Lakers and Spurs lol.

by the way, i do all this odd spacing so its easier to read and not all crunched together.

Ive been quiet on twitter lately for obvious previously stated reasons lol.

and if you want music. Right now im listening to Cooler then me~Mike Posner Ft.Big Sean. and Up Up and away by Kid Cudi is really good too.

Also Perfect jumpers are the most beautiful body motion in the world, its like sex for the soul. If you read my tweets you already know how much i love the pefect jumper. It feels so great. You jump perfectly, you release perfectly, it arcs perfectly, and it falls thru the net and snaps beautifully. I love it.

and B.O.Bs airplanes is really good. I wish i could afford his album. He has that commercial style of rapping *prefers story telling rapping like kanye and lupe and common* but its a breath of fresh air.

all i have to say....

"i could really use a wish right now"

*stares off and walks out the backdoor not being able to stand the momment he lives in*


  1. Just hold on alright? Things eventually get better I guess right? I'm sure she is missing you. Anyhow keep your chin up. If you ever need to talk I'm at yahoo under Alright? And anyhow nice game lol.

  2. i wouldnt post your email on here >.< twitter dm would of be fine.