Friday, April 23, 2010

i think its about time.

I got some feedback from the last blog >//////< so i think i need to do another one tonight. Its been hard to find time for this since my semester is coming to an end. Plus well this seems like the best chance ive ever had to meet Ella. If hunch is right, it seems im getting a supprised visit from Ella and her parents >.< future inlaw sneak attack. She just got her lisense so its either trip up here or vacation trip. But this is still the best odds ever honestly. So ive snapped out of my depression from now till the chance disapears one way or another.

So yea right now its school, or waiting for possibility of Ella or trying to distract self from all that so i dont have a panic attack >.< Oh since last blog, when i was in e-business the other week, Ella came online, but i missed it v.v but she sent me an offline message and replied to one of my emails, she said she loves me always and dont fall apart on her. So basically shill make it thru for me as long as i make it thru for her. Sorry about typing, rushed so not enough time to be politically corect. so yea Ella loves me! woo!!! and i love her more then anything, more then anything ever, more then the present, more then the past, more then future, and more then it all rolled into one times a sideways 8. so right now im my overly happy self till something happens >.<

Oh i have zombie car now. My car started dying monday, but it keeps coming back to life, so thats why its now zombie car lol. Im suprisenly happy for a guy who is broke, has a zombie car, and mite be meeting the future inlaws any day now. Oh and im hunching off what Ella told a cousin who told another cousin who told me. So im pretty much mind reading this all atm. But its still the best chance ever.

THis one is pretty much a Life Update so ima end on a good song for you all. Thank you for reading, please enjoy the music.

OMG~ Usher and Will.I.Am

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