Sunday, April 4, 2010

Watching Good Will Hunting

put this out there b4 i continue, falling to pieces, depression at that bad time. so anyways back to this blog thingy.

SO yea im watching Good Will Hunting, thats what i do at times like this. Oddlly im very self destructive, i do things that make it worse.

I think i won my fantasy basketball league tonight. Im not sure but if i did, woohoo. All luck becuz i had carmelo on the bench most the year lol.

oops wandered off mid blog, where was i.

if i had one wish it would be to be next you.

I dont know what to write about. Life kinda sucks and it makes it hard to blog or what ever. Plus i mostly tweeted everything by now.

i think ill find something cool for you to look at for now.

so yea ive been listening to that song a flippen ton.

Im trying to keep this blog depression free so not much to talk about. I have class tomarrow, HW do in morning and test at night, bag in my car which is somewhere else.... yea... sucks right now.

The Cavs and lebron lost today to Jesus Shuttlesworth and the celtics lol.

Falling fast, falling apart which each passing second.

Yea i hope i dont have my human resources test tomarrow morning, cuz then ill really need my bag with all my homework in it... but i just remembered, if i can find the HW online, i have my book for that class here, i can do it still woo.

Im worrying like crazy about Ella right now... im starting to get scared that this time apart will make her cold hearted and hate people.... or worse... just i said i wouldnt talk about this stuff *breaths*

good will hunting..... i hate this part... skylar, tall, Ella is tall then she talks about how she can dunk and play basketball. Ella plays basketball.... wait, sorry, i must talk about other stuff.

Its been raining alot tonight. i like it, real cold but i have my window wide open.

my car just showed up so ima do homework now, if you read this, power to yea. night people

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  1. Oh don't worry I looked you up on sodahead and found your girlfriend ella. She seems very likable from what I read. I sent her a pm to let her know you are waiting for her and that she needs to read this. I'm sticking up for you so cheer up. Great song choices vanilla twilight is a great song. I liked day and night as well I'd never heard it.