Thursday, March 4, 2010

25 Random Thoughts In No Order

1. When i shave my face i just have to use some water and a razor, i dont have to use the shaving cream stuff. For some odd reason my face just doesnt get cut. Never has. Though using shaving cream using gives me a closer shave but it takes more time for me. If i just use water i just run the razor against my face as fast i want. Its nice.

2. I usually only buy products from good companies. Like i really aprove of Sony and Ford and Meijers. I wont buy Microsoft over Sony because microsoft purposely sold a broken product, fired a million customers from there xbox live serive, and they charge for the online feature. Also Sony released a new model at a lower price when microsoft fired its customers. That was the biggest business fail ive ever seen. Plus Sony has a solid business plan they stick to. Ford doesnt need government money, enough said. and there gas pedals dont stick. Meijers doesnt practice bad business like walmart does. I also dislike speedways selling scheme, but there employees are really nice.

3. I tweet alot, you know, on twitter, which is probally were all if any of my readers learn about my blog.

4. You know in Venice Italy, that city atop of water. They have these huge water breaks a few miles out in the water to slow down seasonal flooding. Its one of the most beautiful cities in the world. They did this like 20 years ago too. They build the water breaks so they open and close. There are alot of cities around the world that should do this. Especially New Orleans if you ask me. They had alot of natural water breaks. They need to build those back up.

5. European Basketball is the worst played basketball on the planet, there rules are so stupid. Its like watching them play soccer with there hands.....

6. i have about 76 dollars to my name right now. And a month and a half of school left or so. So hope i can afford the long drive to school......

7. I really want the Detroit Pistons to draft Scottie Reynolds from Villanova.

8. Oh sweet i got two of those rainbow twizzlers stuck together right here, and there red and green, like christmas ^^

9.The most deer ive seen at once is like 40 or so. And no, i did not see them at the zoo, i saw them behind a cornfield that use to be behind my house.

10. I do not live in the "middle of nowhere" i just live near everything, im closer to downtown Kalamazoo then the nearest Farm, though the Farm is almost just as close.

11. Where i live is so weird, its like 3 or 4 cities, and a bunch of towns and townships all connected to each other. This is pretty much the Kalamazoo Area, portage included, though portage still doesnt count as being apart of kalamazoo -.-

12. I really like Kanye West, ever since i was younger and first heard him. He has gotten me thru so much and still is. I owe him my life. I never would of made it this far without him. Thank you Kanye.

13. Im the only one in my family who can wear Nike shoes, and i love it. We all have really wide feet but mine just fit into Nike's. Were all like a 8th native american or something. We have alot of the genetics to show it. I have the most oddly. I dont sun burn i just tan, i got wide feet and weird ankle and knee's. Also i got those shovel shaped teeth. I always felt more native american then they say i am.

14. To be honest im trying to scale back my random thoughts for this so this blog doesnt end up being too long.

15. I have a crown from Burger King and when i wear it im the King of Burger King, Also don't eat there. One of my business rules, never sells a product that kills your customers.

16. Follow iMulah on twitter, his tweets are really nice. though i dont like his blog that much >.<

17. Woah all my twizzlers left are green, orange, and yellow, its very tropical looking, omg i love the word tropical, its so cool!!! 18. I have like 6 nephews and one niece. Yes that one girl gets spoiled like crazy >.< Oldest is my nephew josh who is like 19 or something lol. And the Youngest is Adam who is a little over 1 or almost 2 or something.

19. I still suck at changing diapers for some reason....

20. When i was in the 6th grade or something, i went to States for Free Throw shooting. At my age it was as far as you could go, i got 4th place. I sucked then at shooting Free Throws, i just got lucky and got that far. But after that i worked really hard and im the sh*t at Free throws now lol.

21. I played 5 years straight of football, 4 of which were in high school. Sadlly i didnt play much, but when i did, for some reason i always made a tackle. Towards the end they let me screw around at practice with running and stuff, you can tell they though i was good.... just too big for playing in the game -.- didnt trust me for that reason, which sucked. At least i had there respect.

22. Aww..... crap the rainbow twizzlers are gone.

23. Oh tonight The Office special is on, Pam is having her baby woo!!

24. Sometimes i think about everything, all at once, like all of time, all of space, like everything, every planet, are own planet, all at once. And sometimes i wonder about what point in the Time line are we in, like when its all said and done, were we in teh begining of time or the end. Maybe the middle *shrugs* plus im wonder if im crazy and that im the only person that thinks like this.

25. Wow i got to 25 and i dont know what to finish with.... nice. In the end, its not how you start, its now how you finish, its not even how you played the game, Its knowing that you gave it your all and did the very best you did, because you can not have any regrets about your life then, and take what happens knowing that you were as honest as you could be with everything, and you get what you truthfully deserve, may it be good or bad.

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  1. Ha that is so true about the European basketball thing. I couldn't help but chuckle at that you know sometimes other countries should either do it right or not at all you know its like the Canadian's and the the mutant form of football its ridiculous. And then that weird money they use is even more ridiculous. A lot of the other stuff I really can't relate with much but the diapers thing is funny. I thought guys never changed diapers.