Monday, March 1, 2010

Why i Live Life

Way back in time, like before i was alive and junk. There was this chicken, yes a chicken. And everyone always be like, "Yo chicken why you always crossing that road" so one day the chicken was like "to get to the other side dumbsh*t" Not the nicest chicken ever but that story really means alot.

Why do we live, what are we suspose to do with all this stuff. So when people ask whats the purpose of life, i say to live. Life is here to live it anyway you decide. May it be good or may it be bad, it is still your choice.

To me i look at the world and go, you know were all living here, and it can suck for people, like alot. So when it comes to helping people that some probally wouldnt, i tell myself, is my life really worth that much to make someone else's worse for my own benifit. So if someone needs some money and i don't need it as bad as they do then ill give it to them. Because it doesnt hurt my life too much and it helps there alot. In the grand scheme of things its a big plus for the world when you help others and give them more then what is taken from you.

Thats just my own take on life.
I was sitting in Human Resources class this morning and we were doing are interview project, were we get a partner and ask each other interview questions. And my partner didnt do it so i was like i dont think she wants anything from us or is paying attention, screw it ok. So then we just talked about interviews, the kind we liked, and didnt like. Then i had the grand idea of that if i ever got to give interviews they would mostly go down like this.


Me: welcome to so and so Co.
you: glad to be here
Me: lets go on a walk
*5 mins into it
You: why are we in the parking lot
me: i wanna goto the movies

of cource it would proceed to a movie of some sort and that would be the interview lol
I was driving on the way home and i thought of this

"Success isn't the willingness to jump, success is knowing when to jump"

Its not all about just going after your dreams but its knowing how to achieve them. You cant just do it and expect it to work, you have to have a plan, along with the passion to achieve your goals.
I often think about global solutions to problems randomly. It all kinda makes me wanna get in a postion of power and make things happen. But then i realize no one cares. I really think we need to open up the natural water flows around the world and un dam everything. Let the water flow naturally again around the world. You know try and not kill are planet. In the end we know we have to because even if we stop using oil were still using some form of energy. And we call ruin that supply too if were not careful. We need to be more careful with the planet while we can still make it better.
So by now you have all figured im crazy, straight crazy for fact. if you read my tweets youve figured out im a little off lol. And well im kinda in real deep with this girl, her name is Ellany. Its been over a year. Haven't seen her before. And i know you want to say hey wait, but when your on the internet i dont think you lie then say your undermatured and have a growth problem. I mean if your going to lie you say you got a body like a coke bottle lol and like 5''3 and 120 pounds. Plus there nothing to take from me, no info, no money, im not even really related to money, and she knows that. She's from this country. Younger then me, if you hate me for that, its ok. If it wasnt for her trying to make feel ok about it, i would beat myself up constantly for it. Were not like extreme in age difference, its ok, just some people are you know. Anywho, were promised to each other. And even if im crazy, even if this is a lie, even if its wrong, even if it ruins my life, i have no regrets what so ever over this. Call me crazy. Put me in jail. Kill me. I wont regret a single second.

I guess that was umm my err public coming out about my relationship with her >.> *is scared as hell* good thing no one reads this stuff lol. Im basically talking to myself, awesome aint it. And by the way i just turned 21, im not super old, i just feel it. And no i didnt drink on my bday i just went to a casino and won at everything i did, even blackjack, without knowing the rules fully >.< ok seriously ive been trying to post this for like 5 minutes, im done, this all i gotta say right now, big thanks for reading, lets try this thing again, peace and love *throws up the tilted peace sign*

Well i hope its ok to put video's on here. Just trying to support the people that do great things, like kanye.

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  1. You really aren't that crazy you more so sound depressed in my opinion. And the fact you listen to Kayne and such makes me believe your just sad more and more. Also our more in tune with feelings then most guys I've seen from what I can tell.