Sunday, November 14, 2010

Actually Trying

So as i announced on my twitter, im actually trying to write story like this time. Since i think i want to become a writer. So im going to write about one subject on here or at least try. So like here i go and sh*t.

I guess the best thing to talk about is to talk about how i met Ella in alot more detail. Yes im writing about Ella AGAIN, get use to it, she's always on my mind and im not kidding about it.

On a random insert note. Im watching Scott Pilgrim vs the world for the 3rd night in a row. Its pretty much my depressive movie since it hurts to watch.

I knew her cousins first, there from Rhode Island. Met them all playing a game. Met the oldest one, he's like my age. He's married with twins. He designs games and stuff. I actually started talking to his little sister. Well she yelled at me and ran away. And i started randomly complaining about that to random people and he was one of them. Then from then i met all 5 of them.

Theres like 3 sisters and 2 older brothers. The one i first met is like 21 or 20 or 22 or something or other. Then the other dude is like 19 or 18, maybe 17. Wow im bad with age.

Anywho they have 3 lil sisters. So basically talked with the oldest guy and like entertained the younger ones lol.

To explain this some more. They played this online game. I played it. Then i did the therapist thing for his family. You know like care so much and watch things just catch on fire.

Oldest dude asked me look out for his family since he didnt live with them anymore. Yeah i kind of failed but did all i really could...

ok out of story for a second

is my whole writing backwards randomly thing annoying or just different?

Ok back to the story that i suck at telling.

So eventually like christmas rolled around. And they had a bunch of family come to there house and apperently i was a big deal to the lil girls the older brother had me keep an eye on for him.

By the way, talking to little girls about cartoons and cookies is just yeah. Next time good friend asks me to watch over his family im going to have to be like "i dont know..."

More detail: Yeah talked to them, made sure they at least had to lie about doing there homework, made sure they went to bed. stuff like that. For some reason i have a talent for communicating over the internet.

Well its only a talent if people actually are willing to listen to me. If you hate me i end up being really annoying.

What was i talking about? oh yea! christmas! Yeah so they had a bunch of family come over for christmas, and the lil girls were like "you have to talk to this really cool guy!" and next thing i know im meeeting a million cousins.

Ok i met like 4 or 5 of them i think. Not a million, though i did meet a bunch one random night.

I met Ella's sister. All i remember is that her oldest sister hated me and that liked to make fun of me, and that her middle sister was weird and joined in with the making fun of me.

Anyways i was suppose to talk to all 3 at once. And the oldest one wasnt around, the middle one was there being annoying as hell. And then they told me the youngest one, Ella, was somewhere else just on her own in the game.

I was like 0.o get on to talk to someone, dont talk to them, off doing own thing. who is this person..... there so mysterious.... omg tell me where she is i have to talk to her!

Yes.... i kind of yeah.... she was interesting!! I dont know why i acted like that. I just had to meet her. Usually when i hear or meet a really really really interesting girl i have to just go meet them no matter what. And Ella sounded really interesting.

Well i found her and i was right, she was really interesting. She talked in this really polite manor with like a high level vocab lol. She just sounded really smart and the whole time i was like 0.0 this person is really cool.

So basically i kept talking to her alot because she was just really really cool. She read alot of books, listened to really old music, Dressed cool. Basicaly she was more awesome then a rainbow at night.

Then the oldest brother was like why do you keep asking to talk to her.... and i replied back "she is really cool" Then he told me no one has ever said she is cool, maybe annoying or a bookwork, but never cool. Then i went on about how cool she was and he said i was weird and err looked at me funny. Then i realized what he was getting at...

And basically at the same time Ella's sister and cousins were talking about me. And her oldest sister said something rude about me, i think she called me stupid. Then Ella defended me, they made fun of her for that and said she had a crush on me.

You i just realized we even acted the same then too. We have a really bad habit of acting the same when were apart. Its weird.

Then after that we kind of like talked more. For errr hours >.> and hours umm and alot more hours. About music, books, just cool stuff like that. We talked about music for like ever.

Then next thing i know it just escaladed. I mean i was happy with being her best friend forever and ever. I didnt really understand how i felt about her i just knew i wanted to spend the rest of my life around her.

Yes i knew that much but i didnt know i liked her....

Anyways next thing i know she is embarressed around me alot. And i kind of demanded we kept talking when she went back home after the holidays >.> err ok ok ok i liked her alot i just didnt know what it ment.

Well soon after that she is really embarressed and about all her family has noticed her blushing and rubbing her arm as she talks to me. Well then she kissed me >///>

Yes im that good at communicating online that its like were doing things in person. All kinds of things. Wow that makes me sound wrong...

its been about almost 3 years since this all happened. I would really like some comments on how readable this is. Is it book worthy. I know the way i write is messed up. I know i cant spell, grammar sucks. But this is the way i think. I write this how i think so its unfiltered.

Also there should be a family rant coming up soon. Since its the holiday season and im getting really tired of my family already. I have a bad habit of freaking out every holiday seasone because of my family. This year isnt looking good so yeah....

If i get some positive "reviews" ill consider writing part of my story about me and Ella thru this.


  1. I've read a couple of these posts and I have to say there's some compelling stuff. I would read more.

    I like the conversational tone of it - don't worry about grammar and such - if you can tell a good story the rest can be learned. Storytelling is more a natural skill one either has or does not (imo).

    I love this sentence btw: "talking to little girls about cartoons and cookies is just yeah."

    I want to steal it. Do a service to yourself and keep writing.

  2. oh sh*t you like this. I cant write traditionally. i dont even think i can spell it right. But i can put my thoughts to words. Thank you.

  3. Hah! My sis was right about your writing and your romantic interests you really love this girl I can tell just by reading it.