Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Writing and like stuff

*yawns* im worn out from attempting to live blog the pistons game from last night and then doing a summary of the game. Then wasting a few hours trying to get on a site that didnt work with the new new internet explorer.

Oh wowwww i really hate how i put bad music on my ipod so i have bad music on my ipod...

SO yeah i kinda have my story stuff broke down, but i have a paper due in accounting, yes... accounting paper... A research project coming up in my stupid computer class that i try to tweet about while im in it. And i have my internship paper due by end of the semester. But i will make time for my story.

Also i wanna continue...oh f*ck this ive been having problems typing right ever since i tried to type "politically correct" for the pistons game summary.... now im having a hard time writing like myself... give me a minute...

Please take time to hear some awesome music you should buy during this brief intermission.

Ok OK OK i think im ready to write like myself again. Hope you enjoyed are brief intermission entertainment.

Uhhh where was i again >.>

oh yeah. stuff.

Anyways i want to keep trying to do game summaries of the pistons games and get them on some sites and maybe roll that into something more. Also i want to do a really really really good report thing on Austin Daye.

*random word moment*

To Fly To Fly

to escape from my life. to run further then anyone else. to hide from the world in a place not yet touched by life.

i really wish i could just escape into space and live in the darkness, live in the quiet. live without this needless air that fils my lungs.

Err yeah i just had this random need today to write junk like that. It was better earlier in the day but i kind of forgot how it went. Its not suppose to be anything its just like what i felt. Sometimes my feelings just like turn into words in my head. I don't really try to write like that at all.

This is why i dont like writing normal, its throwing off my whole me thing. I keep thinking about making this good, i never cared about this before. ima just close my eyes and write whatever comes out...

Oh i bought a ton of books even though i cant afford them... i bought
~the triology of the Gospel according to Larry books.
the first book really affected me after my dad died.

~On the devil's court.
its about a high school dude who moves to seatle and sells his soul to be good at basketball. His life is kind of shitty and he just falls back on basketball which isnt going much better.

another high school basketball one about inner city basketball stars who are taking 2 different paths to the top.

~Maniac Magee
about a homeless kid that always runs. no joke thats bascially it. but its really really really good.

I read all these books growing up but the last two gospel according to lary books. The basketball ones are really good. They kind of explain how i became me growing up. Though i did look at each book differently then everyone else did. Especially the Maniac Magee one, apperently it was about racism and i never noticed that >.<

Not much has really happened since the last blog post i just wanted to write because life is being a real straight b*tch right now. And i constantly feel like im writing bad....

Oh if you follow my twitter @cazjuice youll know ive watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World every night for the last 5 nights....

**foggy cloud smoke and sad dream music** <--obviously flashback time <---

Awhile back i was really really really depressed about Ella being gone for a really really really long time. (yes i know nothing in my life really changed)

I had just spent 2 months in the middle of nowhere manistee michigan on an internship. There is nothing to do there, even the locals told me there was nothing to do... i asked.. alot. Always same answer.... jerks..

Anyways last day of job, i packed up all my crap in like minutes, left a note for the cousins because i failed at finding them before i left. And i drove back home at the literal speed of light.

I did a 3 hour trip basically in 2 >.> dont uhh tell the cops and junk.

I raced into town. Went to best buy. Bought hard drive cover for the old hard drive out of my old laptop that i broke during my stay in the middle of nowhere. Out of anger at not being able to get online to wait for Ella >.>

up north was a really bad time for me...... lets just leave it at that please...

And at best buy i bought a $50 itunes card. And then drove downtown to the Rave <-- movie building place <-- Manistee had no movie theaters!!! that should be illegal i swear.

I saw scott pilgrim vs the world was in the theater and read a little about it upnorth and wanted to see it.

*long pause*

And then i saw the movie

*another long pause*

The movie was just all my relationships throw right into my face for like an hour and a half.

Dated the hair color changing girl. She broke my heart bad.... Dated two girls at once... Dated a high schooler.... Oh and im constantly fighting for El la....

I don't remember how i got home from the movie. I just remember suddenly being in my brothers room and talking to them about stuff.

SO anyways Scott Pilgrim vs The World is my ultimate depressive movie. Im about to watch it some more after im done with this.

Dont get me wrong its a great movie. It doesnt depress me as much as it use too.

This blog is getting way longer then it should be for random writing. And im getting tired. If you read this. your awesome. And if you have a twitter i can list you and keep you up to date on my blog instead of being selfish and tweeting this blog out randomly to all my followers.

Also if you have a twitter and read this and tell me you did ill personally thank you for doing so. Well as personal as you can get on twitter lol.

Time to finish Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Night.

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