Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Didn't

I didnt cry myself to sleep last night.

My arms dont ache for the feeling of her in them.

I dont worry every waking second about her.

I dont miss her so much that i cant even sleep anymore.

In mot depressed to the point that i cant do anything with myself anymore.

I dont stay up countless nights just waiting for her.

The waiting isnt messing with my head at all. Im perfectly fine.

Its not a big deal because i cant love her that much....

I can lie all i want about this but even you who read this know the truth.

All i have to say is, i do love her that much, i love her more then it should be possible to love someone. I love her to the point that i put her above all that makes up our world. This isnt wrong because it hurts me. The pain is wrong for hurting. Love can never be wrong, only misplaced.

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