Sunday, November 21, 2010

Don't Read This

Im serious. Dont read this. If your smart enough not to read this then you understand most of everything im about to write. If you have some doubt to that fact and choose to read on, then your already smarter.

Dear World i hate you. I hate the way you think. I hate the way you act.

I hate how you believe you what you say matters.

I hate how we search thru piles of information just looking for what makes us right, what justifies are thoughts. Just because we must be right. People must believe us.

We cannot accept others differences when we cannot understand them. We build walls around us for safety. But were keeping the world out.

I refuse to give you examples of this. Realistic "facts" that can back me up like some kind of gang of thugs with bats and chains. My words will stand alone on there own worth.

we use information as a weapon.

Information are the bullets and people that don't think the same as us are our enemies.

We tear down people's worlds so we can build are own up. We attack, we burn, we rape there worlds till they are our own.

We call them uneducated, wrong, indigenous. They are lesser being because they "know" less then us. They need us to "educate" them. They must learn the proper way to act. They must act like us.

We all refuse to see everything that the world offers and perfectly accept it as it is. There is always something wrong, a line drawn that spreads us further apart. One day we will overcome ourselves and move on.

I would ask you to use this in your life but i don't want to have to ask you. If you agree with this go with it, if you don't then dont go with it. Take whatever you want from this, its free.

Enjoy your life, just remember your not the only one living.

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