Sunday, December 26, 2010


As i crawl thru the broken glass lined cave i think about the friends i have just loss, the death i have just seen, and the death i have so acceptably walked myself into.

It all started with a kiss, so sudden, so light, so soft. It was beautiful and amazing. The moment felt like a magic spell was cast upon us and time stood still.

The battle has been raging on for its 23rd hour now. Both armies have moved nowhere. Millions have died. All the dead faces i see on the ground just become a blur now. My only focus is on surviving till my next breath.

With the stroke of a pen you paint a picture of a lush rain forest or inside a debilitated factory. With our words we created beautiful works of art that no one has ever seen before. Each story is a new world. Each poem is a new person.

A pen is my brush and the words will be my paint. May it be written out or typed. My words will create a new universe for you to explore with your mind.

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  1. I've never really talked to anyone else on Blogspot, so is there any way to add friends o-o (This is Bree, btw, lol)