Friday, December 24, 2010

Reactions to Unleash the Unicorn within

Ok so a bunch of people loved "Unleash the Unicorn within" if you missed it. Either goto this blog and go under lost in the world. Or ask me for it.

"Unleash the Unicorn within" is the first thing that ive written that ive showed my family. It of course came with the bad comments you all know ive been looking for,

Sister: "i don't understand what it means, i don't get it, i only read bits and pieces though."

Also a great aunt of mine, i believe she is my aunt, i am just straight horrible when it comes to my extended family, i apologize. Here is her reaction to it after reading it.

Aunt: "If you let the Lord lead you, those moments of frustration will be fleeting. You learn to listen to God's voice and not your own. You learn to want God's will and not your own. You learn to trust Jesus who died for you and loves you more than you can imagine. He wants the very best for your life, beyond your wildest dreams. That's my comment Justin. Love Ya! Merry Christmas!"

Not trying to make a joke of this just trying to show you all the reactions i have received. I rarely get people talking like this so this is pretty big for me.

While picking up a used tv for free from my godparents, love you guys by the way, me and my brother were talking about this and what i was doing with it. Here is his response, it won't be perfect because im trying to do it from memory.

Brother: "That is hilarious, i see what your trying to do, its funny."

I love my brother. He hasn't read it yet but he finds the ideas behind 'Unleash the Unicorn within" hilarious.

Now for the random people of the internet responses.

Btw i am now releasing some of my writings on other sites. This response comes from deviant art. I was surprised that someone favorited "Unleash the Unicorn within" so i had to ask them personally if they actually read it.

Me: "wait did you seriously read that?"

Dude: "Yes, and i thought it was brilliant! :) I read it to my little brother as well"

Me: "yes a proven reader of what ive written!!! **celebrates** thank you!"

Dude: "Haha pleasure, thank you for my three steps to becoming a unicorn haha"

This was the first proven reader of "Unleash the Unicorn within" obviously. They saw it as a literal way to becoming a unicorn, which is cool, my writing is art. I like to think as the paper as a blank canvas and my pen as a paint brush. Even though i do most my writing on a computer by typing but that sounds so much cooler.

The next response came from this actual writer named brian spaeth who likes what i write. So yeah take that world, a real writer thinks i write good. Boo yeah.

Writer Dude: "This made me lol - the exclamation pts sold it "You are a rare species of horse that is well known for its horn!!""

Yes i just quoted someone who was quoting me, im just cool like that. And i just name dropped. Not cool but i like to be proven infront of family, there very skeptical people. So inturn i will be listing the books he has written.

Prelude to a Super Airplane
Brad Radby's Brad Radby
The Christmas Bridge
Ballad of Rogelle

He also says to read them in that order. The ending to Prelude to a Super Airplane was epic.

The last reaction and the next ones have all come from twitter i believe.

Me: "Did you read "unleash the Unicorn within" yet"
then he reads it obviously cuz i sent him the link to it.
Dude: "Dude. That's an awesome post! I love it."

This is the person i was joking with right before i wrote "Unleash the Unicorn within" about writing a self help book spoof about unleashing your inner unicorn. The jokes were so funny that i felt compelled to writing "Unleash the Unicorn within"

Also we discussed a story of a dude escaping his no nothing town and uncaring parents to goto the city and find happiness, right b4 he leaves town he runs into another person running from the no nothing town to the city, she wants to escape her mean parents and life to find happiness. Its about traveling to find this impossible to find happiness thing and in the end they realized it was right next to the them the whole time in each other. You may recognize the story theme from every hollywood movie made in the last 25 years.

I would like to include a response from a person who didn't read "Unleash the Unicorn within"

Random Person: "I haven't read your unicorn piece"

surprisingly there is someone in the world who hasn't read it yet. i will not stand for this!!! Are you not entertained!?!!?! and yes i just love to randomly quote gladiator for no reason.

Ok this last one is a random conversation i had on twitter with a random person, I wish them a happy holidays and it turned into a talk about stuff i write about.

Me: "happy holidays"

Random twitter lady: ":-) Merry Xmas...and happy Unicorns for everyone..."

Me: "lol did you read that actually?"

Random twitter lady: "yes...of course... you always make me giggle :-)"

Me: "yeah i can never tell when people read it, thank you for reading my stuff, it means alot to me"

Random twitter lady: "I read them...I dont always reply... but stories of your family, games & Hawaii always make me SMILE :-)"

Me: im happy to make you smile, im also happy that what im doing is actually doing something, it makes me limitlessly happy, thanks"

Me: "maybe its unlimitlessly happy, inventing words is hard"

Ok so there all the reactions to "Unleash the Unicorn within" this is probably the biggest thing ive written since that poem in grade school that i didn't really write.

P.S i wasn't trying to insult my aunt in any way shape or form, i love her, she is awesome.

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