Monday, December 13, 2010

Snowy Knight

God its cold out tonight. I know the talking weather heads on TV said it was going to snow at least a foot tonight but like i listen or even believe what they say on TV. Its not there fault i thought it would be a cool idea to come here tonight.... I mean im a senior, this is a dance... i haven't been to one ever. Why the f*ck am i going to this one...

**is obviously not mentioning he just broke up with his girlfriend and is looking for a distraction to keep his mind off things**

A wintery wonderland of snow flurries and wind that freezes your hair to your face... who seriously thinks this is a cool thing... who the hell schedules a dance during this... oh yay...

then i was suddenly snapped out of my mental ranting by Mrs.chapton asking me if i got my science paper done... "oh yes Mrs.Chapton of course i did, i had it done weeks ago" then i handed her my ticket and slipped right into the school... Yeah i got it done weeks ago if by weeks ago you mean i decided not to do it when she told the class about it...

Who seriously does homework in the last year of high school. Its all just busy work to give you grades to get you into college where they'll give you busy work for grades to get you a job where they'll give you buys work **thump**

"did that kid just walk into a wall?"

"omg! he walked right into that wall!! haha"

*rubs forehead* they sure do make these walls alot harder then they use to

ima just plunp dowm in this chair for now... *plump*

wow... seriosly who picked out this music? nickleback? Maroon 5? the killers? i mean the killers are kind of ok but where's T-Pain? i mean as far as real music goes he isnt that great but he is someone you can listen to at least.

this is really boring, barely anyone is dancing and this place is just full of kids...

"hey umm what you doing?"

"err nothing much, do i know you?"

and she runs away.... what the hell why did the girl run away from me!!!

**second plump** "you know dude if you treat every girl like that theyll all run away from you"

"hardy har har. im not the one that goes around randomly asking dudes out to dance"

"j its a dance.... your suppose to like.... dance?"

and there my "friends" go with the ever changing list of nicknames for me...

"ill start dancing when they start playing better music.."

"fine then but when that happens ill be right here to make you live up to that"


and there goes uhhh god what was his name again? john? joe? derrick!! god im horrible with names.

these dance things last forever, a couple of other dudes stopped over and talked with me about this and that. Just normal guy stuff. Couple girls straggled over when the crowd got big. Its fun talking with girls in normal conversation. There always looking for weird things like dances and lunchs and dates... God i hate going out on "dates" all you do is look for excuses to not really talk.

then i saw him... joe, i mean john, wait! i mean derrick!! talking to the "DJ" if you call a guy that just changes the song a DJ... and then it started playing.... some uppity poppity sappy love song, had to be a dead and gone boy band, i know it. He just grins at me and points at a group of girls....

I think im going to throw up...

"omg did you see john tonight! hot!"
**tons of giggles**
"you like my dress, pink is the new blue this year"
**lots of nods**
"yeah im dating john, im still "hanging" out with joe though *wink*"

"that bitch.." and apperently my brain to mouth filter failed at a bad time as about 20 girls turned and glared at me as soon as the B of bitch came out my mouth...

**slides out into the hallway** >.>

err wow i think im in a more awkward momment....

"why wont you dance with tommy!!!"

"i dont want to dance!"

"your going to have to dance with a boy eventually!"

then the girl who was being yelled at just kind of glared till the other girl sighed and walked away


"yeah then can be a real pain in the a..."

**evil glare spin**

"uhh i mean there wonderful!"

she just kind of smiled for some reason "oh yes they can be a real pain in the wonderful cant they"

"ummm" i am an absolute idiot..

"how long were you standing there.." **more evil glare**

this girl just wont let things drop will she.. "umm since tommy was brought up as the next contestant on dancing with the stars"

**loud scoffing noise** "real comedian aren't you"

"not really, i see myself as more of a romantic elephant trainer"

"really now, elaphant trainer?"

"on my weekends of course"

then she smiled this really awesome smile at me. i Smiled back of course, i think it was the lights to be honest but then i think she turned slightly red then.

"umm i see my sister calling for me, i bettter go"

**then she stood up**

woah she was umm kind of tall, a good foot taller then me >.> and im like almost 6 ft tall...

**third evil glare** "having a good time?"


"i can see how funny you find me"

...brain to face filter fail...

"no no no not that just sorry i zone out alot, do you want to dance? i just lost a bet with a.."

"im result of lost bets now!!!!"

"no no no i mean i have to dance with a girl, any girl i choose and.."

"so you chose the easiest person to ask? the one you thought no one asks? well let me tell you something buddy"

then she rose to her full height, umm she was tall, umm maybe im shrinking... **knees buckle a little >.>**

"alot of guys have asked me to dance tonight, i dont need your charity"

why did i have to get angry now... i just have the worst temper..

"yeah and how many of those guys were forced to ask you by your sister?"

**4th evil glare turned to despair and colasping back into her chair**

"your right, what self respecting guy would ask a girl like me... if you can even call me a girl.."

is it bad that i hate myself so much right now that i want to kill myself?

"i dont know about self respecting but i did ask you without your sister tricking me into it...." **half an evil glare at her**

why am i mad at her? dude stop being stupid!!

"im sorry, i just... i dont know how to dance..."

is she crying omg is she crying, crap crap crap help me


"im sorry i shouldnt of pushed the subject. im sorry" **half extends hand at a horrible momment**

**stomping feet...** "what are you doing to my sister!!"


she seriously just hit my hand who the F does this girl think she is... oh yeah... this girls sister who i made cry...

"L did he hurt you?"

L, what kind of name is L?

"no he just.." **more tears**

no offense i mean she is kind of cute, but she crys alot, wait why the hell did i call her cute...

then her sister rose to her full height, woah she was short, i mean i was foot taller then her **laugh**

"why are you laughing!"

**brain to mouth fail**

"umm wait, because...."

**slightly less tears**

at least my confusion has calmed "L" down. ok seriously that cant be her real name....

"because i just remembered who you were and im suprised i didnt recognize you sooner"

**one suprised look and one extremely skeptical look**

ok you cant cry and doubt me at the same time... what kind of girl are you...

"oh well sorry but i dont remember you.. and i think me and my sister will be leaving now..." **tug and pull with muttering complaints**

"for a short girl she can be really mean, strong, and controlling...."

"yeah i know, i use to date her haha, you caught her on a good day though it seems"

**hits head on ceiling from jumping so far out of his skin**

"joe!! i mean derrick what the fuck dude, sneaky spy much?"

**over laughing** -.- this dude...

"yeah i was right behind you the whole time, you seriously cant talk to girls you know that"


"anyways when you start hitting on freshman?"

0.o "that wasnt a freshman... umm was it?"

"well yes and no. she is like in most the sophomore classes and some junior ones but yeah she is like 15 dude"

**facepalm** "i didnt know... she just seemed so much"..


"yeah. she so tall to"

"and cute"

"Yeah she was cute... hey!!"

**laughter** "your the one that agreed J" **walks away laughing**

do i even know that derrick guy that well... and why did i agree that she was cute... she wasnt that cute.. i mean when she smiled she was cute, and when she was crying she was kind of cute. If that evil glare didnt scare the crap out of me i bet that was cute too... she isnt cute, she is a foot taller then you...

**pulls coat up tighter** this Fn snow.. im going home....

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