Friday, December 31, 2010


1 34 1,987,199

No this isn't that horrible movie that was more of a musical and those numbers don't represent stats or time totals. (52 weeks in a year, 168 hours in a week, 3,652.42199 days in a decade)

45 68 97

number numb3rs numbers everywhere i look. I can't escape the onslaught of numbers. There everywhere. I can't escape. I can't escape.

56 194 3 27

Today Oil is $91 Lebron James is averaging 24.4 points a game. At least 3 children died today from curable diseases.

56 1,444 6

We are swimming in a sea of numbers. How much does gas cost a gallon? ($3.09) How much money did you spend on groceries? ($76.46) How much time have you spent on the internet today? (4.32 hours)

21 34.99 12,001

Does 2+2 even equal 4 anymore? Are numbers even as constant and consistent as they use to be? Are there any 100% full provable statistics anymore? Isn't there always something they forget? Some piece of important information missing?

12 36 156,667,109.223

I wish we could live in a world without statistics and in a world of information explained in worded form for us to read and take for what we see it as. Instead seeing Ford selling at $16.69 we would see that Ford is current selling at prices of $16.22, $17.03, $16.45, $15.55, $16.74, and $16.68 in sales that equal an average of $16.69.


Numbers Numbers Numb3rs Numbers Numbers when will the numbers stop. My head is aching my heart is struggling. Why won't the numbers just stop

P.S the last series of numbers is are national debt as i type this. (

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