Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cool Afternoon

I walk briskly into the park trying very hard to avoid anyone's attention which is rather hard... Everyone stares up at me as several people are distracted by my sisters...

some winking at my sister jenn on my right while others cower in fear from konnie my oldest sister on the left. or they just give me a snide look of disgust or chuckle and point.

I smile weakly and try to bear myself ignoring their taunts. I pull my sweater tight with my hands and sit on a park bench as I study my chemistry homework.

A boy with dark black hair and girl with short blond curls walk by and snicker at me. I can't help but over hear them....

"What is that thing is it a boy or a girl?" "She's like a string bean Arnie and she doesn't even have cleavage." They start to laugh as the one called Arnie suddenly utters a curse word and runs from konnie.

My oldest sister is always protecting me and beating up boys for some reason. My other sister jenn has stepped in now because i think she is asking me if I'm fine.

My mind races and i start to freak out as I wish I was anywhere else in the world. I quickly dash toward the area behind the tennis court trying not to cry a suddenly impact into someone as I turn the corner.

I fall backwards and my arm is suddenly gripped to prevent me from hitting the ground. I look up or more correctly in front of me I am in an odd position. The young man pulls me to my feet and I stare at him.

I realize I've seen this boy somewhere before and I believe he recognized me as well because he suddenly seemed as lost as me. "Aren't you that L girl?" He says this very flustered.

I stare and then realize I met him at that dance. "Oh, I didn't mean to bump in to you your probably busy making people feel alienated. He suddenly seems a bit shocked. "Look I'm sorry about all that stupid stuff, i just saved your life didn't I" He says awkwardly.

Then he lifted me and up and stood me up straight and said "I promise I just suck at talking to cute girls." as though his mind didn't register what he said.

Inside my mind I feel as though my jaws dropped. "Gosh" I stuttered, "You thought I was cute?" I feel the box around my sad heart suddenly rip a little.

"Well you are really interesting I think." He says smiling almost embarrassed.

I suddenly realize I may have pegged this boy wrong he wasn't like the others. He seems to find him self slowly doesn't he.

"Um hey whats your name I mean like your real name?" He looks rather earnest as he says this.

I think about it and say my name, "Ellany, my name is Ellany." I grip my homework. "Um well I'm Justin." He grips the basketball under his other arm.

We stare at each other kinda lost for a second suddenly a gate to the tennis court opens behind us. I step back instantly as the creak of the gate snaps me back to reality.

"L? What are you doing?" says my friend Bebe. "Oh Um Hi Bebe thought I saw you." I squeak as I follow her away in panic. Bebe looks at me confused as we walk away from the gate and Justin "Who was that?" she asks. "Just a boy Bebe" I say as we walk toward my sisters and there car. I think to myself, who was he really?

(This was written by Ella as a continuation to Snowy Knight i edited her version to fit into my format and because lines and line and lines of words in a row hurt my head)

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