Friday, January 7, 2011

Love Taxi Part 2

As Roxane pulled up to the curb i looked out the window to see 3 bubbly girls of college age falling over each other. They were obviously very drunk. Roxane turned around and raised an eyebrow at John. John just replied by shrugging and saying "if you want"

The three bubbly drunken girls fell into the back of the Love Taxi squishing John against the right side. the girl on the left side of the taxi was shoving her friends in further "move it, i know there is more room, there is only 2 of you wide asses" the girl closest to me replied back "oh shut up fat ass theirs a dude back here so we gotta squeeze our fat asses in" the middle one just smiled and laughed for no reason.

After we all situated in the back Roxane asked where they wanted to go. The closest one to me answer back with "The Mint on 43rd, we bitches wanna keep partying all night long!"
the other two girls yelled out hell yeah and Roxane sighed and took a right turn.

The girl next to me started texting and laughing for no reason next to me. Then the middle girl started tickling the girl on the left. The girl on the right started laughing like a hyena "stop that sarah, hahaha stop hahah being a hahaa bitch" so apparently the middle one was sarah. Then the middle one replied back "you know you love it when i touch you jamiey" and then sarah had her hand under jamieys shirt and was making honking noises....

the girl next to me just went "lesbians.." then sarah and jamiey replied back in unison "we are not lesbians marcy!!!! stop telling everyone we are!!!" then marcy whishper to me "then why do they sleep in the same bed every night?" At that point i realized Roxane was staring back thru her mirror at me giving me worried looks every other minute.

So as we were driving things got weird, Jamiey and Sarah moved onto more "intimate" things in the back seat. Roxane tried to get them to stop but they ignored her so she gave up. John was obviously freaked out by this so Marcy tried to calm him down by talking to him.

Marcy asked John questions and he asked her questions. They talked about life and what they liked and didn't like. John noticed they liked alot of the same things. He didn't think much of it till she said she liked skittle covered pizza too and kept smiling. John has never met another person who liked skittle covered pizza before. Roxane was still giving him worried looks as she drove.

Marcy then continued to ask John if he wanted to come to the next club with them. John had a feeling he should look to Roxane for an answer so he did. Roxane was frantically blinking really fast trying to say no to John. John told Marcy he had to be at work at 5 AM even though he didn't. Marcy frowned and leaned up against him "well if you don't will you at least take my number?" John couldn't do anything but say yes so he took her number.

Soon after that they arrived at The Mint. John started to wonder how Marcy could smile so long and stare without blinking, it was starting to weird him out. When they stopped Marcy shoved Jamiey and Sarah out the Taxi, Sarah's dress below her chest and all. That garnered some attention for them. Marcy winked back at John and said bye. Then the three bubbly girls walked past the long line and right thru the front door as Sarah pulled up her dress.

As we were driving away Roxane gave me a stern look and demanded the number Marcy gave me. John handed over the number without hesitating, he seemed to trust Roxane, at least more then those three other girls. Roxane took the piece of paper with the number on it and tossed it out her window. Roxane proceeded to state "i pick up those three same girls 3 times a week, there always going to another club, either that girl who was talking to you is on top of some guy on the way to his place or she is antagonizing her friends and humiliating them in public for her own personal entertainment"

John told Roxane thanks for watching out and she said no problem. They were on there way again to John's loft/urban apartment again. Then her radio went off, it was her boss.

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