Monday, January 10, 2011

An Interview with a Receptionist in Japan

I am not joking, she really is a receptionist, her name is Anju Maaka, she is from Japan and she works for Bandai Namco in Tohoko Japan. I actually met her on accident as i do with many other people. She works for Ella's cousin who is the first person i met. He is also the reason i accidentally met Ella but were not here to tell that story.

So she is the secretary for Nathan Sayles a friend of mine. And i was talking to her last night and i was thinking "this would make the perfect random interview" she agreed and here we are so lets jump into the awesomeness that is the things i write.

Q Why Did you agree to do this interview?

Anju: I was interested in it.

Q What is a meme?

Anju: Meme?
me: yes
Anju: Its something that everyone else notice and enjoys and likes to copy
Anju: Lol is a incredibly popular meme
Or I think the phrase over 9000 was at one point
Internet memes are the most common
Anju: yet they can be dropped down to a simplicity like putting on socks

Q What is your job and how long have you been doing it?

Anju: I am a receptionist and assistant to one Nathan Sayles at the Bandai Namco building in Tohoko Japan

Q What kind of education have you had? what is education like in japan? How many years did it take?

Anju: Well basic schooling in japan starts in around kindergarden
Anju: you learn basic math
Anju: Both Japanese and English
Anju: And usually a slight understanding of science
as you progress
Anju: more topics are given
Anju: I have a literary degree
I attended Crystal High School
Anju: And I got my degree online
I also have several computer courses I've taken
Anju: And it all took about 15 years

Q So we've talked about your parents before, would you like to explain who they are and what they do?

Anju: My father is an illustrator and small time local author of romance nevels
Anju: novels and manga
Anju: my mother is currently unemployed
Anju: But used to work at a bookstore
Me: didnt she write too?
Anju: mhm
Anju: Thats why my parents fell In love I think
Anju: I use to have a cat
Me: cat? (this was random and not apart of the interview, she brought it up)
Anju: yes
Anju: Her name was yurei
Anju: or ghost
Anju: since she was so white
Anju: she died while I was in high school of feline leukemia. I've never had another pet
Anju: But I doodle her sometimes
Anju: I adore romance novels because of my father
Anju: And writing appeals to me.

~she got kind of random at the end of that question, sorry.

Q Top 5 favorite things about Japan? Top 5 favorite things about America?

Anju: Japan
Anju: I love tempura bowls
Anju: I enjoy the resturants
Anju: I love the beaches
Anju: And I love manga
Anju: And I like my job
Me: im surprised you didnt say karin lol
Anju: Would it be alright to say I like the fact
Anju: Thats what I was about to say
Anju: I like that she lives here
Anju: I love japanese music
Anju: And the number of stuffed animals and action figure I can buy


Anju: In america
Anju: I like the more open space of it
Anju: the people are interesting and the conjugation is different
Anju: I love american rhythm and blues music and I like rap some
Anju: The people are way more polite yet way more intrusive in america
Anju: Most people don't randomly say hello over here
Anju: And I love the price of entertainment
Anju: its very cheap

Q Now that you have mentioned Karin, who is she and what does she mean to you?

Anju: Ummm
Anju: Karin is my
Anju: umm
Anju: Special someone
Me: is that all you have to say?
Anju: I love her
Anju: And she means everything to me
Anju: I'm kinda shy about talking about how I feel

(I like to prefer dangerous conversationalist over tricky conversationalist. Yes i did bait her into that question some)

Q What is your favorite color and why?

Anju: Um well
Anju: I like several colors
Anju: I like green
Anju: And white
Anju: my eyes have a slight greenish tint
Anju: and when its really bright
Anju: they look like dark emeralds
Me: you stare at your eyes often?
Anju: sometimes

Q How do we know each other? How did we meet? stuff that explains are past

Anju: Me and you?
Me: yes
Anju: I met you through my boss once when I was turning off his computer at the office
Anju: about a year or so ago
Me: That all you want to say?
Anju: I enjoyed talking to you
Anju: and you introduced me to Xane-chan (<-- i hate that person btw)
Anju: and Ellany

Q What did you think about this interview? Did you enjoy it? Anything you would change?

Anju: I enjoyed this interview it seemed to be about as interesting as I thought it would be
Anju: And I don't think I would change the interview


I know this is random but im on this interview fix lately. The @brianspaeth one should be coming eventually, i gave him alot more questions though (sorry brian). Next i hope to connect with a random follower on twitter then maybe a random family member of mine.

I did this interview to get some insight on the life of a secretary who works for a japanese gaming company. I hope you enjoyed it.

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