Friday, January 21, 2011

7 parts of a man page 2

I took a deep breath before i laid my feet upon the holy ground that is the sand of the playground. The haunts of our youth. Are little private paradise for which we use to escape the world we live in.

The sand crunched beneath my feat, i could already feel the sand seeping into my shoes and socks. I looked upon the splendor that was my land, the sandbox, it was my first and only love.

With this all said and acknowledged i took 7 singular footsteps forward, i sat down right in the heart of the sandbox, and i went "vroom vroom rawr im a construction truck watch out invisible sand people".

After 10 minutes of playing siege of the invisible sand people i realized someone has been standing in front of me for the last 5 minutes. I looked up and was greeted with the most peculiar look upon her face. Almost like she wasn't sure if she was confused or amused with me.

I was at most as confused as she may be so i went "vroom? vroom?" and moved the sand people eating tank around a little.

She giggled.

This is when i figured out that girls giggling is a good thing so kept going "vroom vroom ahh don't eat us sand people eating tank please please i have a family vroom vroom"

I continued impressing her with my sand eating truck abilities for a few minutes in till she spoke up to tell me how cool i was being.

giggle "your really stupid you know"

My eyes went big, my heart seemed to beat louder, my muscled tensed as i pushed the sand people eating tank deeper into the sand.

She smiled and walked away to the swing set as if she was perfectly content with life.

Tommy stared longingly into the sand as he tried to figure out the meaning of his life.

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