Monday, January 17, 2011

Love Taxi Part 3

After 5 minutes of Roxane arguing with her boss over the radio which in John just got bored halfway thru and just started staring out the window, there new direction came in a redo of there last direction, a u-turn so to speak.

And on that already written out statement of the obvious Roxane then turned her Love Taxi around and proceeded to do an actual u-turn back to The Mint on 43rd.

This is when Roxane started to talk about what they were doing "boss wants me to go back and pick up another passenger...." then John started talking back like they were having a conversation or something "well will the trip take long?" then Roxane replied back "not very, the person doesn't live that far away."

When they pulled up back to The Mint they were struck with the view of a man wearing skinny jeans, a shirt that barely covered his stomach, and he was red eyed like he was crying as he yacked and yacked and yacked on his stylish smart phone.

John noticed how pissed off Roxane was looking. She apparently didn't appreciate doing all the waiting she was doing. John jumped up as Roxane honked her horn as loud as she could "HONK HONK HONK MOVE YOUR ASS"

The skinny jean wearing dude closed his phone all rushed like and walked towards the Love Taxi as quickly as he could. He then leaned forward toward the drivers side window and asked if this was the right taxi. John couldn't help but notice and wonder why the skinny jean wearing dude was sticking out his rear end as he did this, something was definitely up with the skinny jean wearing dude.

Roxane told the skinny jean wearing dude that this was the only Love Taxi in the city and then asked what he then thought about that in a very not kind way. The skinny jean wearing dude then got in the backseat and was slightly taken back with John already being there.

Skinny jean wearing dude then complained about having to share a cab when he specifically asked for a private taxi, during all this he complained about his bad night and said his name was steve.

Ok he said stev'e so it sounded fancy but it was really steve.

Roxane just ignored "stev'e" and kept driving. John felt sorry for steve and started up some form of small talk that started like this.

John: So... dude... what up with the skinny jeans?
Stev'e: Skinny jeans happen to be very popular right now thank you very much
John: Is all your popularness what made you cry?
Stev'e: NO!!! what made me cry was my boyfriend breaking up with me for a GIRL!

Insert many minutes of awkward silence before John decides to talk again.

John: ohh umm ok?

Then for some reason this ticked off Steve and made him go into long rant about men and all awkward gay related things that John didn't really want to hear about. Roxane then gave John a are you kidding me look from her rear view mirror.

Then for some reason Stev'e got really quiet and then said "im really sorry, ive been talking too much, why dont you tell me a little about yourself?"

John was so confused by the randomness of the situation that just happened that he just started talking. John talked about his life and the night he was having and how he was trying to get back to loft/urban apartment. As he was talking he noticed steve was smiling, not a calm smile but one of those uh-oh smiles John knew all too well about.

Roxane then slammed on the breaks really hard because she was shocked by steve and she almost ran a red light because of it. The sudden stop threw steve against the taxi middle divider. John was ok because he was wearing a seat belt.

John helped stev'e off the floor of the taxi and made sure he was ok, this made steve look even weirder at John.

Then the craziest thing happened. Stev'e asked John to go get some coffee with him. Roxane's head almost exploded.

John wasn't sure what to say. John didn't want to be rude and John really didn't want to go out for coffee with some dude that wore skinny jeans. John pondered the situation while stev'e gave him hopeful stares. John didn't like stares.

John eventually answered with "Im sorry stev'e but i don't want to get coffee with you" Stev'e looked upset for a minute, then smiled and said ok. Roxane then stopped the taxi and they were at Stev'e's parents house.

Stev'e got out and said his good byes and was gone forever.

As they were driving away Roxane started to talk "I was scared there for a moment... i thought maybe..." then John cut in "you thought maybe what?" then Roxane said "thought maybe you were the kind of guy that uhh drank coffee?" John smiled a little "i prefer a cold glass of milk to coffee" then they both laughed for no reason.

Roxane told John that it was straight to his loft/urban apartment from here. John relaxed some in the backseat. Then john asked "why do you keep wanting me to not go out with these people?" Roxane swerved a little while driving because she didn't expect that question. She blushed slightly and replied "your kind of cute... and your really nice to people you've never met before..."

John stared at Roxane for a long time which made her really uncomfortable.

Then John said "well your cute too, does this mean the ride is free?" Roxane rolled her eyes and then turned the double time switch which made the price of the ride double as it was going....

John folded his arms angry like and sunk into his seat and stared into the wall in front him "i should of went for coffee...." Roxane then frowned and turned into one of those late night open all the time hole in the wall restaurants "ill buy?"

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