Monday, January 10, 2011

Random (update)

Ok this post is just random to keep you up with whats going on and random thoughts im having.

First off. Saturday i baby sat for 8 hours, two separate jobs. Then i left my laptop at the last one and didn't get it back till the next day. Then i played basketball with javy's friends. Kids can't play fastbreak defense, it was ridiculous. Then i got sick from walking from indoor game to outside cold. Which is weird because i can play basketball outside during winter and not get sick.

So basically important writing on hold till im better, sorry Love Taxi will have to wait.

Random Thoughts

I was tweeting this morning on my twitter thing (@cazjuice) and i was talking with @AllThatAmar about squirrel survival during this really cold winter and climate change thru out the solar system, it was cool.

Then i talked to @JoannePistonFan about answering and or not answering questions in high school. Apparently she did it alot. But i never did myself that much.

Either i said pass randomly which then made my teacher go "that's not an option" or i would play with hot wheels and ignore the question till the teacher would be all like wtf hot wheels really. I read alot of magazines in some clases. I skipped math or watched family guy during it. My biggest skill was my perfect disinterested look that when a teacher looked at me they would think about how much class time it would waste to ask me so they would ask someone else. I used that look thru college too.

And yes i did really play with hot wheels in high school. Senior year science. The look on my teachers face when she walked around to my row of seats and saw the toy cars. She was like "justin are you serious.... give me the cars" Her face got so red, it was awesome. By the way that was one of my all time favorite teachers too.

More Random Thoughts

Ok you all know i basically stalk brian spaeth or i like to make him think i am. Either way i dont know the answer. But he made another e-movie or just a trailer for it but it looks really really really really good and i want to see it really really really bad. Here is the trailer.

This is done by @brianspaeth who also wrote and starred in Who Shot Mamba? and has written 4 books with actual words and stuff in them. and here is his website

My fav parts of the teaser are

"nice moon huh?" "Its like the earth had a small baby and it lights up when it breaths"

Also towards the end when he grabs his two guns and gives that look before rolling around the wall. It just yells "here we go again *eye roll*"

Im sick and im just laying around today so this is what i do when i have no energy. Now all you need is a bottle of diet coke and a bag of chips and you could be me for halloween.

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