Friday, January 21, 2011

7 parts of a man Page 1

It was hot today, hotter then usual.

Why this lady kept on dragging me here to this so called park ill never know. Its the most annoying thing. What could be worse and more consistent then this? I really hope there isn't a place i have to goto for the majority of the year 5 days out of the week between the ages of 6 and 18.

I love being 5, its the best number there is.

We walked down the street from my house. The lady who turns out to be my mom is holding my hand.

Funny story. I didn't figure out she was my mom till i was 2, i just thought she was the lady that changed my diapers.

You ever realize when walking how bad the sidewalk is? It looks like girls did all work. I mean seriously its all bumpy and full of cracks, i fell 3 times yesterday walking to the park, 3 TIMES!

While were on the subject of girls. There gross, there disgusting, and they wear dresses.... One day i hope to grow up to the ripe age of 12, own a house, and have a dog.

Ok i wasn't walking to the park, i was running. But i was running from some crazy lady yelling at me. It turned out to be my mom telling to stop running because ill trip and fall, go figure.

This lady was still holding my hand all hard and stuff going on about like "Tommy stop yanking on my hand" "Tommy stop trying to run out into the road cars are coming" "Tommy don't you dare put that candy off the ground into your mouth!"

nag nag nag this lady never shuts up.

Today i brought my favorite sand based toy. A toy truck like a construction truck. I liked to make cool noises like "vroom vroom rawr im a construction truck watch out invisible sand people" when i played with it.

We crossed the road and where heading into the park now. I had my truck, the crazy lady finally let go of my hand. It was nothing but downhill from here. because the sidewalk went downhill toward the playground sandbox area.

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