Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dramatic Walking

Ok this is just a bloggy posty thing so don't let the title confuzzle you with its confuzzleness.

So today i was babysitting down at my sister beth's house and i swear to god i never act like this but i was all dressed cool with my fleece and hoodie underneath so i had to the hood part over my head with my cool hawaii hat sticking out. And i had these cool wornish like jeans on that draped slightly over my awesome blue nikes.

I was like "wow i look cool and dramatic, this is some sweet dramatic walking i got going on"

I swear to god i was being that narcissistic or whatever the correct word is for that. Not am i only never like that but i only ever slip and fall on ice every 2 to 3 years. And thats impressive because i wear sneakers 24/7 365. For my whole life i have. And those are hard to walk on ice with.

So im thinking about my cool dramatic walking as i walk dramatically down the wintery street full of teen angst (sorry brian but i also love that term too) Then i see this jogger running down the street towards me and im like "i bet hill be impressed with my cool dramatic walking" this is when i slipped on the ice and fell on the ground.

My reflexes are whatever is faster then cats like. So i already half spun around as i fell and caught myself and moved my backpack out of harms way as i was falling. I was up in under 3 seconds.

One time when running sprints with my nephew a few summers ago early in the morning hours i slipped on wet grass and i spun around and got my feet running again before i even hit the ground, it was cool.

So as i got up and checked out my expensive laptop that i could afford to replace if it broke... (side CD DVD rom ejecter cover button pushing thing fell off, it went back on) I realized maybe i shouldn't be so conceited/narcissistic as im walking dramatically.

Life lesson, they hit you hard like the ground when you slip on ice sometimes.

Anyways Love Taxi is still going and there is at least one part left of it. It mite be split into 2 more parts, i haven't decided yet. Also im slightly considering making it a never ending story.

Also on a more serious long real story note. Im considering writing something called "7 parts of being a man" It will probably be 7 connected short stories that deal with 7 defining moments of a man's life. And is should progressively move along his life as he ages. It should be really cool and i need to write this down somewhere so i have motivation to do it. Ive already skipped one really good story idea because im lazy.

I have a plan, im going to plan out the 7 defining moments, then do stick figure drawings of each. This will motivate me to complete each story. I am a complete and utter genius, oops forgetting my life lesson from earlier, im am nothing more then a normal person. My glass is full of grape koolaid like everyone else's

And in honor of the long gone cartoon weeekenders "later days"

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