Thursday, January 6, 2011

Love Taxi Part 1

Its one word story time. I asked my followers on twitter to give me one word for my one word stories. I received Echo, Love, and Taxi. As adding echo in the equation would make it too complicated i am running with Love Taxi so enjoy my descriptive children's story like format.

It was dark, much like it is tonight. The snow whipped thru the streets of Chicago and taking no prisoners as it did. John walked wrapped his coat tightly around himself and worked his way down the road. He put his hand out hoping a taxi of some form would heed his message and pick him up.

Each taxi he saw passed him by. It was getting late. How late you ask? Around 11:45 PM or so. He needed a ride home to his loft/urban apartment. He had a big day ahead of him tomorrow.

The 23rd Taxi in a row had passed him just now, he knew that because he was counting them 1 by 1. Why can't a 20 something white male get a taxi in this city!

Suddenly two beams of bright light pierced the darkness around him. He squinted his eyes and saw a taxi slowing up towards him. I am saved he shouted as he ran towards it.

As john walked up to the taxi he froze, not from the cold conditions he was in but from the striking appearance of the taxi was standing in front of. Well to be more correct, the Love Taxi he was standing in front of since Love Taxi was plastered on the Hood of the car and on the side.

After a few minutes of John staring at the strange sight in front of him a ladies voice emerged from the "Love" Taxi demanding what the hold up was. John snapped back to real world and decided he needed a ride, it was late, and he didn't see any other taxi's stopping for him.

As i leaned into the back of the Love Taxi i realized how odd the driver was. She was definitely not your average taxi driver. She wore huge loop earrings and had a pink streak going thru the right side of her brown hair. She obviously had a thing for the color pink.

As he sat down she asked where he was heading. He gave her the address of his loft/urban apartment. She told him that was all the way across town. He told her it was ok, he just wanted to get home tonight. She nodded and started the Love Taxi up and they were off.

She made small talk with John as she drove, told him her name was Roxane, that she started driving this taxi to pay for college, she dropped out of college and drove the taxi full time.

John noticed she didn't explain the whole pink love taxi thing so he asked. Roxane kind of frowned at him thru her rear view mirror. She said it was her bosses idea to attract more business for her. She went on about how she already made the most money but that her boss wanted her to make even more. She still didn't want to do but her boss had it painted as a Love Taxi anyways.

As they were talking fondly about the Pro and Cons of driving a Love Taxi Roxane started to slow up. She asked if he minded her picking up some extra passengers on the way to his place. She stated since the drive was so long she would be losing money taking him home. John shortly agreed after that statement by simply saying "why not, what could possibly go wrong"


  1. I wish you'd called it "Echo of the Love Taxi"!

  2. i wanted to do that trust me, but also i didn't want to make a giant book out of this. Its one word story so i had to ship it out fast, echo of the love taxi is much better but that would involve echos and stuff and would of made the story super complicated. But who knows, in the end maybe it will echo, youll just have to listen lol