Saturday, January 8, 2011

An Interview With Myself

Ive decided to interview myself because i think im so awesome that i may be possibly the only person on the planet who could handle interviewing me. Or im just really bored. Hint: Its most likely im really bored.

1.Why did you decide to do this interview with me?

A~Well your me and your pretty awesome, i couldn't really say no to a person like you.

2.Whats the earliest memory you have?

A~It was dark, squishy, and hard to move around. Im joking. I remember back, i think for my 6th birthday, me and my sister beth were making a cake for me and it was chocolate. We put a sonic the hedgehog toy on the top, it was awesome. Then we all went to pizza hut and ate the cake there too (so used there the wrong way ha take that grammar cops)

3.What was the first book you read?

A~My memory is really bad so i don't actually remember that. But growing up i was a horrible reader. In the first grade i thought reading was really boring, all the books they had for us just really sucked. By the 4th grade i still wasn't really reading that well then my teacher introduced me to harry potter and i was off like a Fn rocket. I went from reading boring see spot run to like 400 page chapter books.

4.What are three defining moments of your life between the age of 0-13?

A~These won't be in any chronological order i think but here you go.

-In the 6th or 7th grade during basketball practice the coach had us running suicides till we couldn't run anymore, literally because i almost broke my foot during them. I told him it hurt really bad so he tied my shoe back up and had me keep running, eventually he stopped the running and practice after a few more but i ended up going to the hospital for x-rays. I was on crutches for like a day before i stopped and just limped everywhere. I felt way too vulnerable and weak using crutches so i just didn't use them. Also it turned out to be a really really really bad muscle sprain thing with my foot, it lingered for almost ten years after it happened, its gone these days thank god.

-When i was little, i don't remember how little, maybe 6 or 7 or 8. My brother timmy went off to college at Aquinas in Grand Rapids. When he came back from school for the summer i went down to his bedroom in the basement. I stabbed his waterbed with a knife and told him i didn't like him anymore and then i walked out of the room like nothing happened. I use to be kind of attached to him when i was really little i guess. I don't really remember to be honest, my memory is just horrible.

-After the christmas break in my 8th grade year. I was sick alot and i missed alot of school. Before that we stared 3-1 in basketball and i was starting and doing really good (who honestly doesn't play good in grade school?). Then i got sick, missed alot of school, grades dropped. Then my dad kind of like died february 1st. And then i spent a week in my friends/neighbors basement. After that week i think i aged 8 years. That probably did more to my life then anything else. It was just like some kind of natural disaster that i still haven't recovered from.

5.What do you think is wrong and right with the world today?

A~ Whats wrong with the world today is that we don't look into the future to see the repercussions of are own actions. Whats right with the world is that we try to help each other as much as we can.

6.Why do you think people don't read your stuff?

A-they obviously have better things to do. Like cutting out miley cyrus press clippings and playing bridge with the ladies at 3.

7.Favorite color and why?

A~Blue, its very calming.

8.Do you think your a good writer?

A~No, i honestly don't think im a good writer. I just feel like i have things to say because people need to hear them. I don't write normal. Normal stories tell you the answer, i want you to decide the answer for yourself, i want you to think, i want you to be a part of the story. If you finish reading something i wrote and go "i don't understand" i am very happy and you need to think more about what you just read.

9. Stranded on a deserted island. what 3 things do you take with you?

A~A boat, enough gas to get home, and enough food to make the trip with. I take that question seriously but if i had to play along with the non-existent "rules". Ella, a basketball, and a basketball hoop.

10.Dreams and Goals?

A~To become a professional writer and for my writing style to be generally accepted by the public. Dreams, to marry Ella.


Me: Thanks for finding time in your busy day to do this interview with me.

Me: HA! you said it like i actually have busy days.

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