Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Unleash the Unicorn within

DO you ever feel like your life isn't going the way you want it to? Do you ever just feel depressed for no reason? Do you feel like you're not doing your best? It's because you're not doing your best!!!

You need to step your game up. You need to work harder. And MOST importantly, you need to

Today I'm going to tell you how to UNLEASH YOUR INNER UNICORN.

Too many of you people are living underachieving lives. You're not prancing enough thru flowering Meadows. You're not jumping over rainbows. You need to find your inner unicorn.

You've been walking thru life like your some kind of dirty donkey. You are a UNICORN and you need to act more like it. Your coat is a bright color of white! Your Mane is beautiful!! You have a shiny golden horn on your head!!! YOU ARE A UNICORN!!!!

You are a rare species of horse that is well known for its horn!! You are rare, do you hear me?!! RARE!!! You are a precious gem. You are important. YOU ARE A UNICORN!!!

Step One to Unleashing your inner Unicorn

Look at your life. Yes, look at your life, RIGHT NOW! Do you see any unicorns in it? You have already failed at UNLEASHING YOUR INNER UNICORN.

You need to look at what you don't like about life and figure out why you don't like it. Is it not what you want? Do you hate it? Is it not Unicorny enough for you?

I'm not asking you to turn into a unicorn, quit your job and go start your dream as a writer. I'm asking you to do all you can with what you have. Then you turn into the unicorn.

Let's use this writing example. Let's say you're a successful business man. You make good money but you hate your job. Do not quit your job and try to turn into a writer. It won't happen. You'll most likely go into deep debt after 3 months of trying.

What you should do is research what it takes to be a successful writer, KEEP YOUR JOB, and try to write on your down time. There is no need to jump into the deep end already. UNICORNS CAN'T SWIM!!! remember that!

Step Two Figuring out which Unicorn you are

What dreams do you have? Do you dream of becoming a baker, or maybe becoming a painter? Do you dream of having someone comb your mane daily and having a golden horn?

The word "hobby" is just codeword for i really like doing this but i was too big of a wuss to try and make money off this so i don't do this for a living. You must find what you love and grab it by the metaphorical unicorn horn and never let go (don't really grab there horn, it hurts them a alot and they will chase you down afterwards and headbutt you with it...)

What do you love? Unicorns love rainbows and meadows full of flowers. So they do that stuff. Unicorns know what there doing with there life's. Do you know what your doing with your life?

Just take a deep hard look at your life and decide what you want to try. You probably figure out what you want to do with your life on the first try. It will take time. Unicorns aren't made overnight.

Step Three Unleashing your inner Unicorn

Once you have found what you love you need to do it. And don't just do it the way people expect people to do it. Do it the way you want to. If you want to write your own way then write your won way. If you want to paint with your feet then paint with your feet. If you want to hang around Meijer's instead of rainbows then do that. Unleashing the Unicorn within is all about being who you really are.

Remember this isn't a chance for you to ruin your life. You are who you are and no one else can tell you otherwise. So don't go marrying someone else just because you think that person makes you more of a unicorn. The person you choose to be with will make you more of a unicorn. Making your own choices and believing in them is what makes a Unicorn a Unicorn.

Be a confident Unicorn. Unicorns aren't just cool because of how cool they look. There cool because there confident. Be happy with yourself. You're you and you can't be anymore you then you already are.


After doing these three steps you should become a Unicorn. It may hurt a little. But when your finished a horn should burst from your forehead and your hair should turn pure white. Slowly over the next three weeks you will turn into a real live unicorn. You may notice you have the urges to be near meadows of flowers and rainbows. Its best you give into those urges. This is a nonrefundable self help system and the unicorn process is irreversible. Before going upon the three steps to unleashing your inner unicorn make sure you want to be a unicorn for the rest of your life.

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